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Collaborate On Asbestos-related Claims

Our Veterans Outreach team has assisted thousands of veterans with asbestos-related claims. We work with veterans and VSOs to develop medical and asbestos exposure related evidence to support VA claims. We also help veterans connect to additional resources outside of the VA that they may be eligible for.

How the Process Works

Connect with Our Team

Email or call us to discuss the veteran you are working with. We will share resources that will ensure that each veteran you help submits the proper medical and exposure evidence to support their service-connected disability claim. You can also provide our information directly to the veteran so we can work with them along with your office.

Develop Supporting Evidence

Our VA-accredited Claims Agents understand an exposure summary is the key factor in substantiating asbestos-related VA claims. We will work with you to provide a detailed summary, including medical evidence and documentation, about how the veteran was exposed to asbestos throughout their lifetime.

Help Veterans Understand Civilian Resources

Veterans may be entitled to civilian resources including medical specialists, financial assistance and emotional support outside of the VA. This is especially important if the majority of the veteran's exposure to asbestos occurred outside of their service.

Meet Our Team of VA-Accredited Claims Agents

Aaron Munz

Aaron Munz

Program Director

Decorated U.S. Army Capt. Aaron Munz left active duty in 2006 after serving nine years in combat and strategic training. As an officer in the Army, he had to navigate the VA disability system for his own service-related injury. Now as a VA-accredited Claims Agent, Munz helps fellow veterans navigate the complicated VA claims process, providing the knowledge and resources necessary to file a successful claim.

Danielle DiPietro

Danielle DiPietro

VA-Accredited Claims Agent

Danielle DiPietro is a VA-Accredited Claims Agent who is dedicated to providing veterans and their families with the financial peace of mind they deserve. In addition to having a deep knowledge of the VA claims process, DiPietro has a personal connection to veterans. Both grandfathers served in the U.S. Army, and her family’s history with cancer inspired her to pursue a career in patient advocacy.

Services for Veterans and Their Families

  • Financial Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Medical Support

Financial Support

We provide guidance to VSO’s and veteran on how to develop an asbestos claim for veteran disability compensation. Veteran’s are also entitled to resources outside of the VA. These include filing a legal claim against the asbestos trust fund. Grants to help assist with co-payments and prescriptions. Travel and lodging assistance.

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Emotional Support

We have a team of patient advocates that are here to support veterans and their families every step of the way. We host a monthly online support group for patients and caregivers. We also host webinars to discuss topics like treatment and side-effects.

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Medical Support

We have a nurse and doctor on staff to answer medical questions and direct veterans to get proper testing and treatment. Our doctor match program assists veterans in connecting with specialists for testing and treatment. We provide free literature to help the patient and family understand the diagnosis and what to expect.

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Why File a Claim?


Asbestos was used extensively in all branches of the U.S. armed forces between 1935 and 1975 and beyond. The mineral was highly regarded for its durability and fireproofing capabilities, making it a valuable resource for use in all modes of military transportation.

Unfortunately, asbestos is also highly toxic, and by the time the military began regulating its use in the late 1970s, the damage had been done. Mesothelioma and other asbestos-related diseases take decades to develop after initial exposure.

Veterans need to understand their exposure, the potential risk to their health, how to get proper medical diagnostic testing and how to get help if they are diagnosed.


“I just wanted to thank you for all of your assistance in helping obtain the necessary documents for my father Gerald Nichols to apply for VA benefits. You have been extremely helpful, not to mention very kind throughout this process. God Bless.”

– Nina Cruz Menifee, CA

Resources for VSOs

Who is Eligible to File an Asbestos Claim?

Veterans diagnosed with a disease or disability related to asbestos exposure during military service. Veterans who did not serve full-time or were dishonorably discharged are not eligible.

What are the Evidence Requirements?

Veterans must be able to provide an exposure summary linking their asbestos-related illness to exposure during military service. This may include your military occupation or where you were stationed.

Illnesses the VA Acknowledges

  • Fibrosis, the most commonly occurring of which is interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, or asbestosis
  • Tumors
  • Pleural effusions and fibrosis
  • Pleural plaques
  • Mesotheliomas of pleura and peritoneum
  • Cancers of the lung, bronchus, gastrointestinal tract, larynx, pharynx, and urogenital system (except the prostate).

Nexus Letter

A nexus letter is a document prepared for a claimant by a medical professional that explicitly connects an in-service event to the current medical condition for which a claimant is seeking compensation.

How to Prove Military Exposure

Do not assume the VA knows how the veteran was exposed to asbestos. A detailed exposure summary must show how the veteran was exposed during their military duties. We can assist you with writing one.

Helpful Documents and Resources

Diagnostic Procedures

  • Lung X-ray - A chest radiograph is a projection radiograph of the chest used to diagnose conditions affecting the chest, its contents, and nearby structures.
  • Pulmonary Function Test - A complete evaluation of the respiratory system including patient history, physical examinations, and tests of pulmonary function.
  • Ct - Scan - A computed tomography scan, or CT scan, makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-ray measurements taken from different angles.
  • PET Scan - Positron-emission tomography is a nuclear medicine functional imaging technique that is used to observe metabolic processes in the body as an aid to diagnose a disease.
  • Biopsy - A biopsy is a medical test commonly performed by a surgeon involving the extraction of samples cells or tissues for examination to determine the presence or extent of a disease.

Please contact us to speak with our doctor or nurse to learn more.

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